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Welcome to New Ground Alliance Church

10:00 am - 11:30 AM  -  Heights Elementary School


Please Note: For three weeks from June 24th thru July 8th will be at Lincoln Middle School


We believe there is a need for a relevant church that provides services for the whole family. The greatest need is a church that meets the individual where they are, equips them to be who God created them to be and sends them to change their world.

Child-care and Children's church (pre-K to 6 grade) available

We are a church plant of CrossPoint Alliance Church in Lewiston, Idaho

NGA Happenings

Mission Statement

Helping people become fully engaged followers of Christ.

Vision Statement

Together, we engage people by, helping them step into a relationship with Christ, raising them up to be who God created them to be, and breaking them out to change their world.

Together, we engage people by: Helping the Step In to a relationship with Christ.

Together, we engage people by: Raising them Up to be who God created them to be.

Together, we engage people by: Breaking them Out to change their world.

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New Ground

Christian and Missionary Alliance

We are a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. What's that mean? Around the world, the Alliance family celebrates Jesus. As one of our own says, “There is no heart He cannot reach, no wound He cannot heal, no bondage He cannot break...” Jesus said He came for the sick, not the well (Mark 2:17), and we’ve experienced His divine restoration. That’s why we’re passionate to take His good news—in word and deed—to those desperate for hope in every segment of our broken world.

New Ground Leadership

More names will be added, soon.

image Bill Creutzberg Pastor

image Craig Riehle Advisory Board

image Josh Boardman Advisory Board

image Rick Isley Advisory Board

image Patrick Braun Advisory Board

Why New Ground Alliance

  • What we're about +

    We believe there is a need for a relevant church that provides services for the whole family.
  • Preaching +

    The preaching style will be Bible-based, relevant, contemporary, practical and easy to understand.
  • Worship +

    Our interactive worship services offer a wide range of music. Mostly contemporary, but we will toss in some traditional hymns too.
  • Come as you are +

    We are a casual environment and welcome everyone to come as they are. Whatever you’re wearing, we’ll be glad to see you!
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Word for Wise

  • And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. John 20:30-31 ESV
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