Core Values

Living on Mission God Dependent Life   Authentic Life   Every Individual Matters to God


1) Living on Mission

Discipleship and evangelism are the work of every follower every day of the week.  Therefore, at New Ground Alliance Church we will:

  • Have Intentional Relationships
  • Have Evangelism Training
  • Hold "Grounded Classes" - where we share the mission and vision of New Ground Alliance Church

2) God Dependent Life

We can do nothing apart from God; however, all things are possible through Christ. Therefore we will:

  • Have Prayer as our first work
  • We'll Trust God in the gaps
  • Have Life Groups to grow our chuch body thru small home group settings
  • Let the Bible will be our guide

 3) Authentic Life

We value living in truth and telling each other the truth even when it is hard, so we'll:

  • We'll be Accountable to each other
  • Promote Healthy Relationships
  • Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence

4) Every Individual Matters to God

We believe that Christ died for the redemption of all mankind and therefore our mission is to reach out and accept every individual where they are in their journey.  Thus, we will:

  • Promote Compassion Projects
  • Promote Service Projects
  • We'll See the child of God in in every person over their actions and attitudes